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Norton is one of the phenomenal and outstanding antivirus software when it comes to the security of your device and we all know about this. Norton is one of the leading software in the market and it’s one of the top selling antivirus software in the current scenario. By the time it is updating its product along with the technology. As we have mentioned in our previous post on- How to setup Norton antivirus where we have talked about the facts.

As per the recent surveys conducted by Norton in 2016, there are 20 countries where around 689 millions of computer system users accepted that they have encountered cyber crime. Therefore, trusted security software is required in the present scenario of cyber age.

 So, have you ever thought that installing a antivirus program can lead you to be a victim of cyber fraud and that too when you try to install Norton antivirus on your computer system. Yes, you are absolutely right; the incident is in consent that the issue is encountered on every new purchase.

 Users screwed up when they bought a paper license of Norton antivirus from a store and tried to install it online. I did a little research on it and found internet is not at all safe for anyone, even a techie like me can be a victim if he ignores things.

First of all, you need to install Norton antivirus and for that you have to visit when you type this URL on your search bar you will find there are numerous numbers of fake pages and you will redirected to a phishing page which is exactly similar to the official Norton activation page. This page will prompt you to put the license key to activate your Norton antivirus subscription.

Secondly, the real scam will start from here on. Once you put the information on page then you need to hit the submit button and all your information will be sent to the scammers and you will be redirected to another page which will show some error “could not install Norton Antivirus on your computer. Call us right away to fix this issue”. Message could be different but the motive of scammer is to force you to give them a call.

Now, once you call them, you will feel like you have called official Norton customer care but ‘NO’. You have called a third party technical support company; they will fluff you to give remote access of your computer and ask for money to fix this issue which actually doesn’t even exist.

How to avoid such scam?

When you go online to install Norton antivirus, ensure that you are on the official web page of Norton. Always remember and be cautious that scammers are very smart and tech savvy. They manipulate their phishing page to look alike similar to Norton.

You can take precautions by seeing address bar of your browser very carefully, it should contain “” or “” or “”.

Scammers may try to trick you with similar websites like;

Here after is a domain name owned by scammer. Remember domain name could be any. You need to play smart here. I will show you some examples of fake pages of Norton antivirus to give you more clarity; this will help you to avoid online scam.

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Official Norton Page:-

Official Norton Setup Website

Fake Norton Pages:-

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