Xiaomi Mi Soundbar review

Xiaomi has been coming with some amazing products for a long time now. With better TVs coming out every year, sound quality hasn’t improved in many of them. So, to overcome that disappointment, soundbars come in handy. Xiaomi’s Mi Soundbar being the affordable one in the market can give be of great aid in enhancing the sound quality of the TV. There are many soundbars varying from five to more than ten grand. But, Xiaomi brings something unique to itself. Is it worth purchasing? Let’s check it out in the Xiaomi’s Mi Soundbar review below and you can easily buy this online using Shopclues Coupon with discounted prices.

Design and specifications

Coming at such a low price, the Mi Sound bar is a nice designed sound bar. With eight drivers on its 83cm body, the Mi Sound bar gets two tweeters, two wide-range drivers, and four passive radiators for handling different frequencies. The device gets a fabric cover on the front which is there to protect and hide the drivers. The device got a curved body and you can find the controls at the top while at the back, you can see the power button and input ports. Mi Sound bar has a frequency response range of 50Hz which can go up to 25,000Hz. The device supports Bluetooth 4.2 and supports inputs like coaxial S/PDIF, stereo RCA line in connectors, and a 3.5mm socket.

Now handling this sound bar is a pretty easy job to do- in the box, you get the screws to wall mount the sound bar. Though you don’t get the subwoofer with this sound bar, all the bass is provided by the internal radiators. When it comes to looks and design, this device looks exceptionally well and feels solid too. The device comes in one color variant only. The biggest con of this device is the lack of remote. So, you have to get up to change the controls like power switch off/on, volume and source controls. Yes, the device is really low in price but still, we are disappointed with the lack of a remote with this sound bar.

Using this device is really simple, the power button at the back turns on or off the device. The device switches on with last used source. And, if you are using this Mi Sound bar with TV, then you can use your TV remote to control the volume. In the package, you get an S/PDIF cable. So, if you are going to buy Mi Sound bar, you might need to spend some extra bucks on cables for a better experience.

Also, switching to sources is quite easy- just press the button for each source at the top of the Mi Sound bar and there’s a small indicator light which will show that the source is active or not. The device can only know about one Bluetooth device at a time which is another con of this sound bar. So, if you have your smartphone connected with the sound bar, then it will be an issue to connect your TV with the sound bar.


What is the work of Soundbars? Just to give you an enhanced output of the TV or smartphones when it comes to audio! So, is Mi Soundbar successful in doing so? When it comes to volume, the device improves the sound quality undoubtedly as the sound comes out louder and clearer too. The eight drivers in this device play a vital role in enhancing the sound quality. Connected with TV, the audio comes out clearer with better lows and highs. The voice out of characters in the TV comes out sharper and the dialogues came out clearer. Listening to music from Mi Soundbar through the TV’s speaker is a really good and enjoyable experience. So, if you are going to watch sitcoms like F.R.I.E.N.D.S or Two and a Half Man on TV, then this soundbar will surely make your binge-watching fun and enjoyable.

The four passive radiators try to overcome the lack of subwoofer in this device but the bass doesn’t come out too good from them as you saw on other expensive soundbars like JBL SB250. Considering the price, you might not keep it in the count. But, watching some thrilling shows on TV which have strong bass, then Mi Soundbar won’t give you the best experience but it will be good enough to make your experience fun.

At extreme high volume, the sound quality gets screechy loud with distortion in both mids and highs. It is something that you won’t like. So, using the device at 80 percent volume will give you the best experience- all thanks to the multiple drivers it has. Comparing it to other Bluetooth speakers, the soundstage was really wide and great. But, comparing it to other soundbars, the Mi Soundbar’s soundstage was narrow than others. Moreover this is easily available online using Paytm Mall Coupon Code with exciting deals.

Using this device for music through any input ports sin;t quite enjoyable as this device isn’t meant for that purpose. Music comes out rally distorting and not good tuned. Using it less often might serve the purpose but working with TV brings the best out of it.

Final Verdict

Xiaomi’s Mi Soundbar is a great product with its low pricing being its biggest USP. Xiaomi has been doing it for quite a long time now- bring high-end features at affordable pricing. In this case, too, nothing has changed. The soundbar is a decent model with aggressive pricing. The device sets up with TV easily and brings enhanced sound quality too. The dialogues out of the TV characters came out clear and loud which is something you will like a lot. But, the lack of remote, no other cables except S/PDIF cable in the box will surely disappoint you. Also, you can only connect one Bluetooth device at a time. Overall, at the price of Rs. 4,999, you get an amazing package. But, if you want more of the soundbar, then going above this budget will be the better option.

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