How to Install HP Printer Without CD on Windows?

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Today we are going to discuss how to install HP Printer without CD on your Windows with the straightforward steps.

As users face technical glitches while they try to do HP setup without installation CD, but installing the device is very trouble-free if users go after the installation guide.

We will direct you to do so without any obstruction. So let’s get started with it!

Now we are obtainable to discuss the steps to setup HP Printer without CD. Follow the steps to do so properly.

Steps to Install HP Printer without CD on Windows

  • First of all, you need to install the device with the help of the USB cable and these cable relatively come in small length and hence users have to make sure that their device is close to their computer.
  • Then, you have to connect both your printer and computer via USB cable properly.
  • After that, you habe to press the power button of your laser copier and turn it on!
  • Now, go to the “start” menu of your computer and in the search bar type “printers and scanners” and then you have to select “printers and scanners” which will appear at the top of your start window and then you have to click on “add a printer or a scanner”.

Install HP Printer Without CD on Windows

  • Now, from that window itself, you have to select your printer’s name and then you have to follow the on-screen instructions which the wizard provides you.

Install HP Printer Without CD on Windows

  • At last, the name of your device isn’t listed then click on “The printer that I want isn’t listed” and add the name manually or you have to download the latest software and drivers for your device.

Therefore, I hope the above steps have resolved the issue of the installation! And don’t forget to tell us if this helped you or not in the comment section below and if you faced any issue then do let us know in the below segment.

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