Top 18 {PPC} Pay Per Click Advertising Network

PPC - pay per click ad network

Best PPC Ads Network 2018

1. Google Adwords

google adwords

No Wonder, When we talk about PPC or Search Ads, the very first name that comes in our mind is Google Adwords. Google has world’s largest PPC ads network with almost over 70% of search market share.

2. Bing Ads

Bing is a venture of Microsoft Corporation initially launched in June 2009 as Beta version, later on launched completely to allow desktop users to search from April 2012. Bing acquires almost 7.92% of search market share. Bing is mostly used in Europe and America continent.

3. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser PPC Ad Network is a Israel based Network Media company established in 1997 and running its business operations successfully till now. Bidvertiser is officially known as BPath Network Ltd offering PPC and Pop under ads worldwide.

4. 7Search

7Search PPC Ad Network

(7Search used to be one of the best alternative PPC (pay per click) ad network till July 2017 and has shut down it’s operations after serving 20 successful years to the industry)

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5. Yahoo Ads



6. Yahoo Gemini

yahoo gemini Ad Network

7. Chitika

Chitika Online Advertising Network

8. LookSmart

looksmart PPC Advertising Network

9. 50onRed


50 on red




AdMedia_com Ad Network

12. TLV Media

13. eZanga

14. Oath


15. Affinity

16. Clicksor

17. Infolinks

18. MintClicks

MintClicks PPC Ad network

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