2 Ways To Ask Google To Recrawl WordPress Website URLs

Are you wondering whether it is possible to get Google to recrawl WordPress website URLs? Then read on to know how you can make this happen. A lot of people convert PSD to WordPress or shift from other formats to get an SEO-friendly interface. However, a website does not jump to the top of search results simply because it is built with the CMS. Good-quality content, efficient code and on-page optimization are important for high SERP positions. Concentrated efforts along with the inherent SEO capabilities of the platform improve the online visibility of an interface after some time. There are situations, though when the search engine fails to register a change on the website. In such cases, it becomes necessary to initiate a recrawl. Let’s see how it can be done.

What Is Crawling?

Search engines use crawlers or spiders to browse the internet and to register the existence of URLs. These bots are programs which move across the web in an automated way. They move from one link to another in a methodical manner. There is no specified time duration for completing the process to cover all the relevant pages of an interface. Google says it can take anywhere from a few days to weeks to complete crawling. There is no way to force the process to speed up.

When Do You Need To Request A Recrawl?

You will want the spiders to crawl your website every time a new post or page is added. This is essential for making the content appear in relevant search results. Even when an existing post or page is modified, it is necessary to get it crawled again. This is to make sure the search engine knows about the altered nature of the pages. The manual requests for the process are put in a queue after which the bots index all the links. The best way is to automate the entire process of requesting indexing. This can be done by generating a sitemap which we will discuss later. However, sometimes the spiders fail to recognize a page for no clear reason. For instance, you add a guide to convert HTML to WordPress theme  on your technical website but it is not indexed. This happens rarely as the entire procedure is run efficiently by Google. When it occurs, though, requesting a recrawl is the only way to rectify the problem.

How To Get Google To Recrawl URLs Of WordPress Websites?

You can use the following methods to get Google to recrawl WordPress website URLs:

1. Submit An XML Sitemap

As mentioned before, submitting a sitemap is the best way to get Google to regularly index your pages. A sitemap, as the name suggests is the complete list of the pages of an interface. Created in the XML format, they help search engines identify all the pages of a website. They also help Google understand which links are most important and how often the content of an interface is updated.

The best way to set up an XML sitemap on WordPress is through a plugin. The Yoast SEO plugin which is a well-recognized tool can be used for this purpose. Log in to the admin dashboard of your website and visit “Plugins > Add new”. Search for the tool and then install it on the interface. You will now need to configure its settings. The plugin will be visible in the menu. Click on it and select the “General” option. Locate “XML Sitemap” in the “Features” section and toggle the button to “On”. Hit the “Save Changes” tab at the bottom.

Now click the question mark icon and then select the “See The XML Sitemap” to view the document.

Visit your Google Search Console account to submit the document. Select “Sitemap” in the menu and then press the “Add/Test Sitemap” tab. Enter the file name and hit the “Submit” button.

This will ensure Google indexes all the missing pages of the interface.

2. Use The URL Inspector Tool Of The Google Search Console

In this method, we will use Google Search Console to check the status of the affected URL. Access your account and locate the “URL Inspection” tool in the menu. Enter the link to see whether it is on Google or not. View the report to know the reason behind the issue. Resolve it and click the “Request Indexing” option.

Conduct the process until you see a success message.


This how you can request Google to recrawl WordPress website URLs and make sure all your pages are indexed. This will be valuable in directing more traffic to your interface and improve its performance.

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