Fake tech support popup! How to remove it?

fake virus popup removal

What is Tech Support Popup?

Basically tech support is a fake popup message generated by tech support scammers on randomly targeted computer users. Purpose of this popup is to force computer users to call on the mentioned technical support number for ask for money by offering different unwanted computer security applications which are not at all required for your computers & devices.

As mentioned “Fake Tech Support Popup” shows fake “virus alert” messages on your computer devices. There are different types of graphics / images which are used to trick computer users to look like a real computer virus infection.

Here are few sample fake tech support pop-ups.

Tech Support Popup for Mac
Tech Support Popup for Mac
Fake Tech Support Popup of Microsoft Security
Fake Tech Support Popup of Microsoft Security
Fake Tech Support Popup of Norton Antivirus
Fake Tech Support Popup of Norton Antivirus

How to remove fake technical support popup?

These virus popups are not real; it is just a simple web page with virus images using text messages and some java scripts which help browser to create a loop. You will not be able to close these web pages easily even if you click on cross button on the top right hand side corner of your web browser no matter what browser you are using.

What’s Next?

Here you go; you need to open task manager on your computer by using “Ctrl+Alt+Del” buttons simultaneously on your computer / laptop keyboard.

Next screen will prompt few options when you press above keys, you need to select task manager option from there. As shown in below picture.

You need to click on the “process” option from above menu. And select the browser which you are using ie. Google chrome, Microsoft edge, Mozilla firefox, internet explorer or Apple safari then click on the end task button which is there at the bottom of test manager window. Referring above picture.

You can reopen your browser and get back to work! Make sure you do not restore previous tabs.

You are good to go now, your computer is free from fake tech support popup.

How to avoid Tech Support Pop-ups?

These popups are generally generated from internet when you knowingly or unknowingly click on any unwanted ads or other links on internet. Generally scammers use advertisements which look very catchy and attractive to encourage you to click on their. Once you click on such ads, scammers will redirect you to any tech support pop-up page by tricking advertisement websites. You just have to make sure that you use ad-blocker software on your browser to avoid unwanted ads on your system or read the information carefully where you are going to click.

Alert: An updated list of fake tech support links:

Are you getting popup on your computer screen very often? here what you need to have an updated list of scam tech support popup websites which is maintain by Malware Bytes.

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