Reveal saved password in Mozilla Firefox in Easy Steps.

How to check saved password in Mozilla Firefox in easy steps?

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This post is about a most common problem of today’s tech world, where we all are growing old with latest tech gadgets and apps. We are too addicted to smart phones and laptops which is wiping out our memory to remember such small things such as contact numbers  and passwords which we use on daily basis but don’t recall them frequently because we have a habit of saving our passwords and contact numbers in our PCs and mobile phones respectively.

Revealing ******** (Dots) from Password

When you login into your email account or any other portal from computer, your browser prompts you whether you want to save this password or not?

Saved Password Mozilla

Can I reveal this password from Mozilla Firefox?

Oh Yes, you can reveal the password easily from your browser by following simple below steps.

  1. Go to the tools section by selecting “ALT” key from your keyboard.Saved Password Mozilla1
  2. Select the last option which is also named as “Options.
  3. Now you need to click on Security tab on left hand side of your screen, as given in picture below.Saved Password Mozilla2
  4. By selecting security option from above point, click on “Saved Login” button which will appear right after you click on security tab.
  5. Now here is the popup screen which says “Saved Login”. All your saved passwords in Mozilla are stored here whether it’s Gmail, yahoo, hotmail or any other password.
  6. You need to select / highlight the required user name to reveal the password.


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