How to fix paper jam issue in printer?

In the previous blog, we have talked about the How to scan a document to your computer with a canon printer? and today our topic is about exuberant ways to fix the paper jam issue in the printer. So, paper jams basically occur when there are some interruptions in the paper feeding. It also happens when paper jams happen then there are some printers blink some flashlight on the printer and they scream for help. The jam also provides you the guidance regarding the printer and give you follow up advice so that you can diagnose the exact problem.

Sometimes it is also encountered that as it is a machine printer ignores various issues related to it and you can come across issues such as mess in the output of the crumpled tray and sometimes printers stop midway while there are giving a printout and paper get stuck somewhere in the machine. In case, you came across with any of these issues then you can simply follow these basic steps in order to avoid printer paper jams.

Step by step demonstration of fix paper jams issue in printer 

  • First of all, power off the system and turn around the printer so that the back of the printer faces you.

  • Then, disconnect the power cord and allow the paper feed roller to open freely.

  • Now, you have to open the access door of the printer by turning it clockwise so that you can pull the door easily.

  • After that, look after the pressure rollers and clean it and turn it freely and clean the roller with a soft cloth which is a bit moist.

  • Now, from the access door remove the jammed paper. If the paper is not coming out easily then from the rear access remove it carefully from the front unit.

  • Then, remove the paper remains completely from the supply tray and now re-stock the paper into the tray.

  • And, reinstall the paper door now.
  • Finally, connect the power cord to turn on the power on.

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Therefore, these are very simple ways which you can follow to fix the issue of paper jam in the printer. It is inevitable that you will definitely face the problem of paper jam while you use a printer. Hence, if you face any problem then you can simply follow these simple steps so that you can get rid of the issue regarding paper jam in the printer.

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