how to sync your contacts from Android to Gmail?

In the previous blog, we have talked about the steps regarding how you can add a contact to your Gmail accounts. And today our blog is about syncing of contacts from android to Gmail. So, Android is one of the latest technologies that users are experiencing in the present scenario. And Android offers you very amazing features through which you can sync your important contacts to Gmail because the contacts stored on your mobile phone are designated to the Gmail account. Syncing your contact is very useful in many ways as it is very handy as it keeps you updated with your phone’s firmware. However, there are numerous risks while updating your firmware because it can harm your saved data, SMS, and contacts that can be lost and get corrupted.

In case, you came up with any of the problem related to firmware then in that situation you do not need to worry as there are very simple methods which you can follow to sync your contact from android device to Gmail because this technique will allow you to keep your phone, Google+, and your profile on other platform updated with your Gmail account.

Easy process to sync your contact from Android to Gmail

  • First of all, you have to make sure that Gmail is installed in your device.
  • Then, open the app and go to settings.

  • then go to ‘ACCOUNTS AND SYNC’.

  • And confirm that you have enabled ‘SYNC CONTACTS’ option.

  • After that, press ‘SYNC CONTACTS” button and wait for the contacts to sync into your Gmail account.

  • Now, open Gmail in your browser and press the Gmail link on the upper left side of your profile.
  • And finally, select the contacts that you can see on the page where all your contacts will be visible and stored in your Gmail account.

Therefore, these all are very simple and easy ways through which you can sync your contacts from your android device to Gmail. However, many users face problems regarding this but you do not have to worry because these are very easy steps where you will get immediate satisfaction after syncing your contacts.


Advantages of Syncing your contacts from Android to Gmail

There are several benefits of syncing your contact from android to Gmail because it gives you an experience of extra trending features where you can save what you want and the backup will remain forever. Sometimes it happens that we somehow delete our contacts so in that case, syncing will help to redeem the lost contacts. And once you have completed your sync you can root the phone and select factory setting and then when you power on your phone and start syncing again you will discover that all your contacts and messages will be recovered in a very short while. And, if you will not perform syncing methods then you will lose all your contacts. Hence, syncing of contacts from android to Google is highly recommended to all the users.

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