Top 5 Email Marketing Tools You Should Use

Email Marketing is the mainstream platform where marketers continuously evolve their email strategies to cater the changing audience in order to have a stronghold on the market. The future of email marketing is constantly nourishing according to the technology. The tools that are email marketing are really advanced and throw light on great insights where you can easily check what is happening in the marketing and email automation world. It is boosting the online industry in a speedy way.

Email Marketing Tools Worth Trying in 2018

Mail Chimp It is one of the preeminent marketing platforms for email marketing and trading by which you can share emails on social networks. It is serving the users since last 17 years and it has emerged as one of the influential marketing spheres. It has about more than 7 million users around the world and they throw approximately 10 billion emails every month through this service.


Litmus It is one of the adaptable tools by which you can easily track and test emails. You can also check your web clients through mobile devices like Apple, Android, and windows. With a single click, you can test 40 clients and devices. Here you also get a chance to generate a test email to your address in order to send it to your ESP in a fraction of a second. It is a very creative tool to optimize any given device.

Reach Mail It is one of the advanced testing features to track the performance metrics in comparison to at least five individual email campaigns. It is serving for the last 17 years in the market. Features of reach mail allow you to take out the statistics of your subscriber that is used to test the message. It also possesses 100 of email templates and it also works on tracking techniques and let you know who clicked on your link. So, in a nutshell, it is one of the demanding tools in the present scenario.


Flashissue It is one of the paramount tools used for emailing newsletters. It has combined both email marketing and content curation altogether. It gives you access to read newsletters on different social platforms on a single hit. The main feature of it is that it allows you to change the headline and description of the article so that you can personalize it for your audience. By looking at the statistics you can observe 48% users open Flashissue on an average. Through Flashissue you can share all your newsletters on multiple social media platforms.

Target Hero(Officially Acquired by ActiveTrail) It is one of the popular and elegant image hosting, editing, plain text, and HTML email marketing software. It is very famous among users belonging to the business domain because it requires a wide scale in order to run the business because sometimes it also lacks the subscriber’s list. It also includes a plan which gives you 1000 contacts with unlimited emails. So, to get this tool you have to sign up where you will receive the SMS to authenticate and activate your account. It is very trendy tools these days.

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