10 Reasons to use WordPress as preferred Blogging Platform

reasons to use wordpress
  1. Open Source – WordPress is basically an open source cms (content management system) which is often used for blogging and preferred professional websites CMS. Open Source is available free of cost with General Public License.


  1. One Click Install – WordPress is available with one click installation scripts with almost every hosting service provider. You need to login to your hosting CPanel and under software/applications section select WordPress and your domain name on which you want wordpress to be installed. You are good to go in less than a minute.


  1. Free Themes – WordPress is the only CMS on the internet which is available with hell lots of free and premium themes. You just need to Google it for a while and get amazing mobile friendly wordpress themes.


  1. Free Plugins & Customization – When you install WordPress with your domain and do not have mush technical knowledge on coding. Free plug-ins are the best option for you to check in. with free wordpress plugins you can customize your website/blog just like a pro.


  1. Open Solutions / Easy Fix – Since wordpress has huge user base across the globe so it has all the fix of any issues related to wordpress CMS. You will rarely find any issue left unfixed.


  1. Drag & Drop (No Technical Skills Needed) – WordPress has its unique drag and drop feature to build a classic mobile and SEO friendly website. There are widgets which can be used for footer, header, menu and much more things to do with it by doing just drag and drop.


  1. SEO Friendly – If you build a website, doesn’t matter the CMS is and that website is not SEO friendly, means it doesn’t exists. You have to have seo compatible website in order to be present on internet. WordPress has all its features and plugins to make your website search engines friendly.


  1. Easy Adsense Integration – Adsense is a backbone of every blogger using wordpress. Blogger’s first choice and source of income is Adsense. There are so many Adsense plugins which can be used with wordpress to implement adsense code on your blog/website with having coding knowledge.


  1. Safe and Securewordpress can be the safest and secure CMS if primarily safety steps are taken care off. By opting some security steps you can secure your wordpress property to be a victim of cyber crime.


  1. Mobile Friendly – Mobile friendly means responsive website, No matter what device do you use to open your website, your website should response in the same manner. WordPress has all its features with different sets of themes to build a responsive websites.

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